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Heritage Court


Our family would like to take this opportunity to express our thankfulness to the staff at Heritage Court for the loving care of my husband and our father. We are grateful for the sincere kindness demonstrated every day as well as the nursing skill for those with Alzheimer's disease.  Clearly, the staff does not see their work as "just a job". Rather, in the course of the day, everyone did their tasks with their hearts - from assistance with meals, to giving medication, to changing the sheets, to helping patients maintain their dignity.  In addition, we appreciate how they went above and beyond the call of duty with our family as we shared our father's last hours with him; the refreshment and bedding for us to rest next to dad's bed - and especially the emotional support - were so thoughtful.
Thank you again for caring,
The Olson Family

One of my biggest fears in placing Peter in a home was losing control over the quality of care he received.  Could a stranger treat him with the same kind of love and dignity that I did?  Once he moved to his new home, would I be closely involved in care decisions?  At Heritage Court, I found the answers to be yes!  The caring staff worked closely with me and my husband's physician to develop a plan of care that supported his abilities and treated him with the utmost respect and dignity.
H. Lee

We want to thank Katie, "Our Angel" at Heritage Court, for taking Leonard into the fold and all the wonderful, loving caregivers that gave us six more months of life with him.  We will be forever grateful to all of you.
The Stanley Family

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